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Our Portable Heating Solutions, are ideal for
applications ranging from construction sites to outdoor party events.

Direct Fired Heaters

Direct Fired Heating

Direct fired portable heating units offer a completely enclosed flame and whisper quiet operation which makes them ideal for tight spaces and tented events. The units also feature light weight design with easy grip handles or wheels that provide enhanced mobility. Available in LP or NG models with several ducting options.

Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect Fired Heating

Indirect fired portable heating solutions provide high efficiency and heat output. If the temperature needs to be raised quickly, then indirect fired heat is your solution. Ideal for construction sites and tented events with ducting options available. These units operate on a variety of fuels and are also highly mobile.

Make-Up Air and Electric Heaters

Make-Up Air and Electric Heating

Make-Up Air and Electric heaters are ideal for sporting events and outdoor activities. They are low cost and easy to set up. All they require is a power source, which can be external or built into the unit.